Extensive medical research has shown that consuming antioxidant-rich food and beverages can bring about tremendous health benefits such as potentially reducing inflammation and slowing the effects of aging.

In recent medical and dermatological practices, apart from food and beverages which are ingested internally, your body can also relish the benefits of antioxidants externally via topical application of bio-antioxidants, such as vitamin C, which are used to heal cuts, inflammation, acne and improve your skin texture and appearance.

Entropy Primo can make that possible by using our proprietary Entropy technology that utilize Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF) wave to enrich your tap water with antioxidants and metabolic energy instantly. Now, your body can absorb them whenever you drink from the tap or taking a shower without any treatment time!

Entropy Primo not only infuses antioxidants and metabolic energy into your tap water, it also disinfects it completely on the molecular level without any chemicals added!


Water rich in bio-antioxidants straight from the tap

Our body is very susceptible to free radicals due to the lifestyle habits and environment surrounding us. Free radicals can be caused by external pollutants, sunlight, body oxidative stress due to sleep deprivation, work stress or intake of unhealthy foods.

According to medical doctors, free electrons from bio-antioxidants are important for neutralizing free radicals to reduce inflammation, slow aging and mitigate a slew of medical conditions caused by cell-damaging free radicals.

With Entropy Primo, drinking or bathing from the tap can be more than a part of your daily habits. It is now possible to gain immense health benefits that stretches beyond hydration and hygiene purposes. Entropy’s ULF technology system infuses free electrons into your tap water to enhance the water’s ability to donate free electrons for neutralizing free radicals in your body. This electron-donating ability is the hallmark of effective bio-antioxidants such as orange juice, blueberries, vitamin C and E etc.

Entropy Primo can also be very beneficial to your skin as well! Be it taking a shower or washing your face at the sink, the antioxidant-enriched water can help to neutralize skin inflammations (i.e., Eczema, Dermatitis, Inflamed cut wounds, Acne, etc) or eye irritation caused by free radicals. This allows skin inflammations to substantially subside and heal better.

Metabolic Energizing

Efficacious Metabolism

Good metabolism is about the efficacy of how our cells process the food we eat into energy. Inefficient metabolism produces harmful free radicals in our body. Furthermore, as we age along, our metabolism efficacy will also deteriorate. This causes food to be converted into fats instead of energy and other diseases may also follow. Hence, the key is to ensure we have adequate electrons to allow our metabolism to be efficient.

It is common for doctors to advice us to exercise regularly to promote better metabolism. This is because when we exercise, it elevates our body energy which in turn lead to many health benefits. With Entropy Primo, your daily intake of water can now be infused with metabolic energy which supplements your body energy.

Almost every functions in our body relies on a protein called enzymes. These enzymes push vital chemical reactions to occur at every moment. The enzymes in our body are also encapsulated by water and they require water to work efficiently. The highly energized water from Entropy Primo can now supplement these enzymes to improve their functions significantly. This allows vital chemical reactions to occur more efficiently, leading to better health and body metabolism.

The secret to skin protection

Entropy Primo enables the water in your shower to be enriched with antioxidants to neutralize skin inflammations caused by free radicals. The enhanced metabolic energy in the water can also accelerate and compliment skin cell rejuvenation to ensure healthy skin condition at all times.

The active molecular bonds of the water from Entropy Primo has an excellent effect in penetrating the skin, keeping it hydrated and moisturized for a longer period of time. This allows your skin to form a barrier to block intrusive harmful substances that could potentially damage your skin.

The superb penetrating property of Entropy Primo water can also remove harmful and stubborn residuals found deep in your skin pores such as dust, cosmetic chemicals, sebum oil and dead skin effectively.

No chemicals are used in Entropy Primo. The soft silky water it produces enables your skin to be soft to the touch. Entropy Primo is certainly your best compliment to your daily wash and bath.

Experience euphoria with Entropy Primo’s energy which improves your sense of well-being and relieves stress and pain

Energy transfer drives every reaction in this universe. Plants receives energy from the sun to activate photosynthesis. In a human anatomy, our body similarly receives energy from the sun to produce vitamin D, which are essential. When our body’s energy level is softly elevated by a higher energy source or environment, for example, relaxing in a sauna or soaking in a hot spring spa, euphoric hormones such as serotonin and endorphins can be released into our bodies. This release is similar to what makes us feel perky after a productive workout.

Instead of using heat energy, Entropy Primo energizes the water in your shower via ULF technology on the molecular level with pulsating waves. This elevates the energy level of your shower’s water. When you shower yourself in the water, the energy transfer will begin, triggering the release of hormones within your body that makes you feel good. This sends a deep calming sensation through your body, allowing you to relieve stress and worries.


Disinfection without the use of chemicals!

The water we drink from our tap are generally safe to drink as they are usually chlorinated for disinfection. While chlorination is effective, tap water can still be contaminated by filters, faucets, shower heads etc.

The warm temperature we are used to for bathing is also ideal for bacteria growth like the Legionella bacteria, which are air borne and can cause serious pneumonia issues. Elderlies and toddlers are especially susceptible to these bacteria.

Entropy Primo’s ULF technology derives from the same disinfection technology as Ecospec’s use in marine ballast and industrial cooling water to disinfect the toughest micro-organisms and bacteria such as the Legionella. Now, the same technology can be available in your home to ensure the water from your tap is safe and healthy to drink for the whole family.

Entropy Primo’s disinfection treatment via ULF wave does not utilize any chemicals. When tap water passes through the Primo’s emitter chamber, a wet plasmatic treatment wave will eliminate bacteria by directly breaking the cells of bacteria or kinking the DNA of bacteria to disrupt their cell metabolism and prevent them from multiplying further.

Entropy Primo can also effectively reduce the build up of slime or biofilm in your water system. Without them, the opportunity for bacteria to populate in your water system will be vastly reduced.

Taste Enhancer

Healthier and tastier beverages

Beyond the health benefits Entropy Primo can provide, the taste of beverages can also be enhanced without the use of chemicals or additives. As most coffee and tea connoisseurs would know, the quality of water affects the quality of the brew significantly.

One of the main characteristics of Entropy Primo’s energized water are stronger molecular bonds and cappilary activities. This enables better extraction of nutrients from ingredients into the water. On top of that, Entropy Primo produces water that is soft and silky in texture and luscious in taste. These factors allows you to brew that perfect cup of coffee or tea and unlock its true aroma potential.


Easy Installation

Entropy Primo is available for everyone depending on the size of the household and the flow rate of its main water supply. Entropy Primo can be catered for flow rates ranging from 10 to 30 litres per minute.

No complicated installations are required. Only a section of the main water pipe will be replaced with an emitter unit and the control box can be installed on the wall or any convenient location that can be connected to a AC power socket commonly found in households.

Entropy Primo is designed with a flow switch which is installed just before the emitter to toggle the activation of treatment of the water. Hence, energy consumption will be low as it operates only when there is a water flow.

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