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Introducing Entropy Viva, our advanced beverage treatment product line utilizing Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF) wave to produce antioxidants, metabolic energy and taste enhancement in any of your favourite beverages such as water, coffee, tea, juices, wine, whisky etc without the use of any chemicals or additives in a matter of seconds!


The key to eliminating free radicals

Developing free radicals can occur from everywhere in our daily lives such as imperfect metabolism process in our body or what we consume. Free radicals can even be contributed from external sources such as UV light, air pollution, smoking and swimming in a chlorine pool. According to medical experts, free radicals are the root cause for accelerated aging, diseases and even cancer.

Extensive medical research has shown that antioxidants have free electron donating properties to neutralize free radicals. Hence, consuming antioxidant-rich food and beverages regularly such as fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea and wine can yield tremendous health benefits such as reducing the harmful effects caused by free radicals. However, there is always a limit to how much we can consume to be considered sufficient.

Entropy Viva can now be your solution for antioxidant sufficiency in your everyday life. By infusing antioxidants into your daily favourite beverage, there is no need to gorge on fruits and vegetables or stocking up on expensive supplements!

Metabolically Energizing

Importance of good metabolism

Metabolism is the process of converting food and drinks into energy to perform essential functions in your body. Almost every metabolism process in our body are enzymatic reactions, and some require an elevated body energy level to activate these reactions to be efficient.

Medical studies has shown that efficient metabolism can improve the conversion of LDL (Bad cholesterol) to HDL (Good cholesterol), increase the generation of nitric oxide to expand blood vessel linings, and allowing cells to better receive glucose from your blood among many others.

Entropy Viva infuses metabolic energy into your beverage that is usable in your body. When your body energy is elevated, you can mitigate adverse metabolic syndromes such as

  • High Glucose level in blood
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol

Creating Bio-Antioxidants and Metabolic Energy without the use of chemicals

Entropy Viva uses ULF electromagnetic waves to excite and elevate the molecular energy of water, alcohol and other contents of a beverage. The molecular vibration energy can be detected with a FTIR spectrometer.

When beverages are treated with Entropy Viva, excess free electrons will be generated around the water clusters, which is an important and effective antioxidizing function for neutralizing free radicals. The highly energized water molecules can also elevate our body metabolism when consumed.

With a touch of a fingertip, users are able to select the type and quantity of their beverage (pre-set timings included) to enhance their favourite beverage with the wholesomeness of antioxidants, energy and taste enhancement.

Drink Smart

Boost antioxidants and energy by 3 folds

Entropy Viva increases the amount of bio-antioxidants and metabolic energy in your beverage by up to 3 folds!

We use TAPEC (similar to ORAC by USDA) to measure the amount of antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals and AMRE (Antioxidant Metabolic Redox Energy), a bio-electrochemical measurement to quantify the amount of energy usable by our body.

What you drink matters

The amount of beverages we drink are more than what we consume food in a day. However, beverages nowadays are getting harmful and less nutritious due to:

  • Chlorine in tap water or chemicals in bottled water
  • Alcohol or Fructose (sweetened beverages) are harmful and impairs liver functions
  • Preservatives / Artificial flavouring and sweeteners / chemical addictives can overload the liver
  • Loss of antioxidants due to pasteurization

Hence, your daily intake of beverages can make a significant impact to your health.

Entropy Viva’s patented ULF technology introduces metabolic energy and enhances the bio antioxidant content in your beverages while minimizing the harmful effect of alcohol and fructose. On top of bio antioxidants neutralizing free radicals, the elevated energy of the beverage also promotes metabolism when consumed. Entropy Viva can also rid your beverages of any undesirable sensations to allow a smooth and mellow drinking experience.

Protect your loved ones’ and present them with a healthier and tastier drinking experience.

The synergistic formula for a healthy liver

Besides drinking water, we often indulge ourselves with alcoholic or sweetened beverages every now and then. However, these tasty beverages contains alcohol or fructose which can lead to detrimental effects on our liver.

Alcohol and fructose are considered toxin to our body and our liver is the only organ to perform the detoxification function.

Our liver converts alcohol to acetaldehyde and then to acetic acid. When our metabolism is weak, our liver will not be able to convert them efficiently and this will lead to accumulation of acetaldehyde that causes liver inflammation or damaged liver cells.

Excessive fructose and weak metabolism also inhibits our liver to convert fructose into glucose, which causes fat accumulation around our liver. Hence, these factors point to alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver problems which can lead to cirrhosis or cancer.

Entropy Viva can help in mitigating these adverse effects to your liver. By infusing antioxidants to your beverage, it can suppress the fat-forming enzyme (SREBP 1C) from building up fats on your liver. The increased metabolic energy in your beverage can also elevate your body energy for your liver to detox alcohol and fructose efficiently.


Wine or high alcohol content beverages can take years of aging in a barrel in order to attain a rich, luscious and smooth experience when we drink. However, these alcoholic beverages usually contains tannins or alcohol monomers, when the polymerization process (aging) is insufficient, can affect the overall taste one experiences.

Aging is a slow process as it is driven by the weak chemical energy difference between the constituent molecules. With Entropy Viva, the ULF energizes these molecules to accelerate the polymerization process in a matter of minutes or seconds without the use of any chemicals or additives.

Reduce Astringency

Tannins are usually present in wines, fruit juices, tea and coffee. When tannin monomers are small, they can react with our saliva proteins when we drink and cause a rough sensation (astringency) in our mouth.

However, when tannin monomers are polymerized into a larger molecule, they are unable to react with our saliva protein. Entropy Viva reduces the astringency of your beverage by polymerizing tannin monomers in a matter of seconds and ensures your beverage smooth and flavourful to drink!

Reduce Burning Sensations

Alcohol monomers are ever present in high alcohol content liquors. When we consume young liquor, the alcohol monomers are small, and can react with the VR1 receptors located at the back of our throat. This sends a signal to our brain that we are encountering a burning sensation.

Entropy Viva reduces the burning sensation of your young liquor by polymerizing alcohol monomers, which prevents your VR1 receptors from picking them up. In minutes, your glass of young liquor can be comparable to an aged one as it will be smoother to drink. Hence, enabling you to pick up a seamless blend of flavour that are clear and easy to distinguish .

Available in 4 colours. Ruby Red, Sapphire Black, Topaz Gold and Diamond Grey. Now you can pick a colour compatible to your home decor!

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