Taste Enhancement

In addition, Entropy can also enhance the flavour and aroma of beverages in a matter of minutes!

Do you experience a coarse mouthfeel when consuming young wine?

Astringency is caused by the Tannins in fruits/plants. It is commonly found on the skin of a fruit, leaves or stems. It is usually present when the fruits/leaves are unripe.

Tannins react with our saliva protein that causes astringency. Hence, it causes a “rough” feeling in our mouth linings. Astringency is evident in beverages such as tea or young wine.

Why do you experience a “burning” sensation on your throat when you consume high alcohol content liquor?

When the alcohol content of a liquor is high, you will experience throat burn sensation. This is because the VR1 receptors near our throat is able to pick up alcohol monomers and send a signal to our brain that it is “burning”.

How Entropy can enhance the taste of your beverage

Entropy binds tannins monomers or alcohol monomers into larger polymers so that our saliva protein or VR1 receptors are not able to respond to them. This allows us to remove the astringency in tea and wine and the burning sensation from liquors.

This is the same principle as how wine and liquor in the market are aged. The chemical energy of alcohol molecule monomers in wine or liquor are weak. Thus, it takes a longer time to bond with the flavonoid. However, with Entropy, we are able to speed up this binding process in minutes, similar to aging.

Our technology can also enhance the aroma and taste of other beverages such as coffee, juice, sake and beer.