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Is there a filtration system in our technology?

Entropy is not a water filtration system. Entropy only utilizes Ultra-Low Frequency electromagnetic wave to produce antioxidants and energy, and also enhance the taste in beverages. All you need is just a power socket!

Is Entropy an alkaline water technology?

No. Unlike the use of electrolysis / chemical cartridges, Entropy utilizes non-chemical physical treatment to provide antioxidants, energy and taste enhancement to your beverage. In addition, our technology can be utilized not only for water, but for most beverages including alcoholic/non-alcoholic.

Is regular maintenance required for Entropy products?

Maintenance of Entropy Viva is simple. All you need is to rinse the probe with water or a wet towel to wipe down after use.

For Entropy Primo, regular maintenance is not required. There will be a usage counter on the control box which will indicate when it should be serviced.

For Owine, no maintenance is needed!

Does Entropy Primo operate 24/7?

No. Entropy Primo is designed with a flow switch which is installed just before the emitter to toggle the activation of treatment of the water. Hence, energy consumption will be low as it operates only when there is a water flow. Entropy Primo will only be on stand-by mode when there is no water flow.

What else can i treat with Owine?

Besides wine and liquor, you can also treat other beverages such as milk, juices, coffee, tea, soup etc. Just note that there will be no additional antioxidant properties as Owine is a non-invasive treatment process.

Besides beverages, you can even treat your fruits with Owine! Just place your fruits into the Owine chamber for treatment (timing is subjective according to your taste), and you will realize that your fruit will taste more pronounced, but lesser astringency and bitter taste. Try producing a cup of juice after treating the fruits to experience the difference!

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Does Entropy alter the pH of beverages or the chemical properties?

As Entropy technology utilizes non-chemical physical treatment, it does not alter any pH or chemical properties of a beverage.

How long can the antioxidant/energy value last in beverages?

As the vibration of molecules dissipates overtime after treatment, the amount of antioxidant/energy remaining in that beverage varies depending on how it is stored. When beverages are stored in room temperature, The antioxidant value can dissipate over a period of 24hrs* before reverting back to its original state. However, if the treated beverage is stored in colder temperature, the antioxidant value can last much longer.

Can you boil the water after Entropy treatment?

Treated beverages in boiling temperatures may reduce the antioxidant value at a faster rate. Hence we would recommend to treat your beverage after boiling.

Can we utilize Entropy treatment for carbonated soft drinks?

Carbonated soft drinks are not recommended for treatment as carbon dioxide in these beverages will escape during treatment process. Hence, the sizzling feeling in the soft drink will be reduced.

*Varies upon storage method