As evidenced from ancient inscriptions, writings and biblical passages from thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations were already knowledgeable about the benefits of wine and liquor aging. These ancient texts have suggested that the maturation of wine and liquor is not only a form of art, but also a millennium aged old culture throughout history and human evolution.

With the lack of modern scientific knowledge, mankind have learnt the art of aging wine and liquor through thousands of years of experience, utilizing different conditions such as types of ingredients, storage, temperature and environment. These elements can affect the taste of wine or liquors, giving them distinctive flavours, coloration and aroma.

However, the centuries long aging method limits the supply of the finest grades of wine and liquor. Scarcity and premium prices have also prevented enthusiasts from reaching out to their desired wine or liquor.

With the advancement of Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF) technology and the core understanding of aging chemistry, bottled wine or liquor can now be matured by Owine without opening the bottle. Owine also makes it possible now to shorten the maturation period from minutes instead of decades. The superior sensory profiles of wine or liquor after Owine’s maturation meets the demanding expectations of sommeliers.

In addition, the ULF energization of wine and liquor by Owine allows effective conversion of toxic acetaldehyde to acetic acid from your liver to better protect your health.

The science behind Owine and the aging of alcohol

The term “aging” of wine and liquor is a “maturation” process after fermentation and before bottling. In this maturation process, tannins and other polyphenolic biomolecules undergo chemical binding reactions called polymerization. These allows the development of taste and aroma and reduces astringency and burning sensations which produces a smoother mouth and throat feeling.

However, the molecular energy in wine or liquor are very weak. Maturation is therefore slow and takes decades to be fully matured. To produce a good quality wine or liquor, the long chemical maturation process requires critical controls of ingredient properties and consistency of environment controls. Ensuring a precise and perfect technique over a long period of time is difficult and expensive. This issue has remained unresolved and has been a challenge to wine and liquor producers until now.

Introducing Owine, an invention to resolve the tedious maturation process. Owine’s patented ULF energy utilizes pulsating electro-magnetic waves to vibrate and energize molecular bonds of wine or liquor through the glassed bottle. This elevates the binding energy and accelerates the polymerization of tannins and alcohol molecules in just minutes.

Thirty minutes of treatment typically equates 5 to 10 years of maturation in oak casks conventionally. Now, you can mature your wine or liquor according to your desired taste profile with the control of your fingers.

The health benefits of maturation

Alcoholic beverages are typically served during social occasions and for some communities, a behavioral and culture expectation. However, excess alcohol consumption may put your health at risk, particularly liver disease.

When alcohol is absorbed in to the the blood stream, the liver is the organ to detoxify it as it is detected as foreign to our body. Liver enzymes first converts alcohol in to a much toxic intermediate compound called acetaldehyde before detoxifying in to a non-toxic vinegar (acetic acid). When alcohol is not converted efficiently, acetaldehyde causes hangovers when they permeate in to the space between the blood vessels and cells of the brain. Acetaldehyde also activates a fat generating reaction that causes fatty liver and inflammation. These adverse effects may lead to liver cirrhosis, and in some extreme cases, develop in to liver cancer.

By elevating and vibrating the alcohol and water molecules in wine or liquor, Owine can accelerate the convertion of toxic acetaldehyde to non-toxic acetic acid. Tests have shown that rigorous vibration of water molecules, which encapsulates the liver enzymes, will amplify the efficacy of enzymes to remove alcohol and acetaldehyde quickly.

Tannin are antioxidants that are beneficial to our body. However, they exist mostly in single molecular form in young wines that have a strong binding effect to iron, zinc and calcium, which prevents our body from absorbing them efficiently.

However, with Owine treatment, tannin will be polymerized into larger molecules. As such, it will not compete with our body and hence minimizing interference of vital mineral absorption.

Why you should own an Owine?

Smart drinking is all about getting the best from your beverage and yet, minimizing the adverse effects alcohol may cause to your health. Owine is your solution to enjoy your alcoholic beverages in a healthier way.

  • You can enjoy a smooth and matured wine or liquor at a price of a young bottled one.
  • Create your own personalized blend of wine or liquor according to your taste and aromatic preference.
  • Owine can treat most types of alocholic beverages such as wine, whisky, brandy, rum, vodka, maotai, etc. F&B establishments will realize that Owine can add value to their businesses.
  • The taste and aromatic enhancement from Owine is permanent. You can treat your unopened bottle of wine or liquor at your own convenient time before presenting them as a gift at a party or dinner.

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