Extensive medical research has shown that consuming antioxidant-rich food and beverages can bring about tremendous health benefits such as potentially reducing inflammation and slowing the effects of aging.

In recent medical and dermatological practices, apart from food and beverages which are ingested internally, your body can also relish the benefits of antioxidants externally via topical application of bio-antioxidants, such as vitamin C, which are used to heal cuts, inflammation, acnes and improve your skin texture and appearance.

Enerpool can make that possible by using our proprietary Entropy technology that utilize Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF) wave to enrich your pool water with antioxidants and metabolic energy. Now, your body can absorb them whenever you immerse in your pool.

Enerpool not only infuses antioxidants and metabolic energy into your pool water, it also disinfects it completely on the molecular level without chemical, stench and bodily irritation that comes from conventional chemical pool disinfection. All these without any chemicals added!

Chlorine is an extremely strong oxidant. In conventional swimming pools, free radicals can come from chlorine-based disinfectants used to disinfect the pools. Free radicals can also be in a form of ultraviolet rays from the sun or other pollutants found in and around the pools, which can also result in the all-too-familiar red and irritated eyes, skin itch, rashes and brittle hair etc.

According to medical doctors, free electrons from bio-antioxidants are important for neutralising free radicals to reduce inflammation, slow aging and mitigate a slew of medical conditions caused by cell-damaging free radicals.

Now, your pool water can be so much more for you. It can have immense health benefits with Enerpool’s bio-antioxidizing energy system. Entropy’s ULF technology system infuses free electrons into your pool water to enhance the water’s ability to donate free electrons. This electron-donating ability is the hallmark of effective bio-antioxidants such as orange juice, blueberries, vitamin C and E etc.

Energy transfer drives every reaction in this universe. Plants receives energy from the sun to activate photosynthesis. In a human anatomy, our body similarly receives energy from the sun to produce vitamin D, which are essential. When our body’s energy level is softly elevated by a higher energy source or environment, for example, taking a hot shower or soaking in a hot spring spa, euphoric hormones such as serotonin and endorphins can be released into our bodies. This release is similar to what makes us feel perky after a productive workout.

Instead of using heat energy, Enerpool energizes the water in your pool via Entropy ULF technology on the molecular level with pulsating waves. This elevates the energy level of your pool’s water, without raising its temperature. When you immerse yourself in the pool, the energy transfer will begin, triggering the release of hormones within your body that makes you feel good. This sends a deep calming sensation through your body, allowing you to relieve stress and worries.

Enerpool uses ULF pulse wave side stream disinfection system to disinfect the pool water, eliminating bacteria growth and other micro-organisms. This method ensures the destruction of bacteria without worrying about its multiplication. This also prevents issues with bacteria immunity towards chemicals used in conventional swimming pools and having the need to increase chemical dosage progressively over time.

Enerpool utilizes an automated treatment process that requires low energy input. It requires low and non-complex maintenance, and it works around the clock without human intervention. Say goodbye to adjusting chemical dosages and cumbersome water property measurements and calibrations.

Your Enerpool runs on its own while you focus on living your best.

For sales and general enquiries, email us at entropysg@ecospec.com